Marion R. Anderson  

Commissions are done in the following sizes:

Quarter Sheet 10 x 14"
$425.00 CAD
Half Sheet 11 x 30" or 30 x 11"
15 x 22" or 22 x 15"
$850.00 CAD
Full Sheet 22 x 30" or 30 x 22" $925.00 CAD
Oversized Sheet 42 x 30" or 30 x 42" $1050.00 CAD

A non-refundable development fee of approximately one third of the total cost is collected at the beginning of the project. A contract will be signed that defines the following:

  • paper size
  • paper quality
  • delivery date
  • style
In addition, a colour chart is created to your specifications. Prices do not include framing.

Other Media

I also accept commissions in other media (claycrylic, acrylic and pottery). Please contact me for more information.

Please click here to see a sample of past commissions.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Marion R. Anderson