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Recent Body of Work: Painted Tapestries

'Painted Tapestries', my most recent series of mixed media acrylics are chronicles of time, evoking nostalgic family memories.

The subtle imperfections evident in the textured backgrounds are reminiscent of layers of aged, water-stained wall coverings, tarnish on silver, sun faded fabric, or frayed trim on a needlepoint ottoman. The deconstructed nature of the bouquets hint at the 'English garden' arrangements of yesteryear, while the subdued palette lends a patina of age to each piece.

These works have been intentionally crafted to suggest the time-worn charm of heirlooms of a bygone era.


For my work in watercolour, I generally use landscape or floral fragments to explore design and shape executed in a vibrant palette. I am challenged to blend quilt patterning, stained glass and computer imagery into a very personal contemporary statement.

a) Quilts Residing in Waterloo County, I have been influenced by the cultural importance of the quilting tradition. These flat patterns of colour and shape both fascinate and excite me. Recently, the colour-wash method of quilt making has influenced my watercolours.

b) Stained Glass After working in close proximity with a stained glass artist, I have been influenced by this art form. Stained glass relies on the interplay of flat shapes of glistening transparent colour to create images. This art form continues to be a very strong influence as it makes up an important component of my school's arts department.

c) Computer Art Teaching computer art to students, and watching them create art within defined pixels of computer colour and shape has been a further influence. It is stylized pixels that is the most recognizable computer influence in my work. Even the use of computer languages for painting titles has become a habit!

If asked "where does your subject matter come from?" my response very simply would be that I work from lived experience. My farm background plays a key role in almost all of my work, from the garden florals and other agricultural-based imagery to the beach scenes. Each relates to my childhood and strong family connections to Kent County.

My watercolours are occasionally mixed with Caran d'ache watercolour crayons on watercolour paper of various sizes. Most recently I have explored the impact and strength of fragmented landscape memories, punctuated by colour or black and white photocopied photograph reproductions. The use of mixed media such as latex paint, and metal with watercolour further enhances some of my work.